James Rider & The 420 Turnaround

With their latest album "Dust and Doghair" released in April 2003, James and the Turnaround continue to take you on their journey of rooty, bluesy, rock -n- roll.

A storyteller with a "tell-it-like-it-is" style, James Rider is a singer/songwriter of exceptional diversity. Taking on the trials of love, life and growing up, James Rider adds a splash of tequila and a free-spirited rambling to his musical vocabulary as well as his live performance. From bluesy wails, old Scottish folk songs to pure good olí rock Ďn roll, James takes us on a journey with every note. Throw in his band, the 420 Turnaround, and you add just the right musical animation to his lyrics, giving each song its eclectic soul. "Four Twenty a.m., " Jamesí debut CD, ranges from raw ní rockiní to heartfelt ballads to just plain fun. Filled with up-tempo guitar and vocal hooks that linger, these 10 tracks will take you on the "Rider Train."

Born in Shreveport, LA in 1970, James spent his childhood moving across the U.S. from California to Alabama and many points in between. After 11 years overseas as an Army brat in Germany, James embarked on his next journey ó traveling back to the U.S. for schooling in the arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While exploring the facets of visual art, James discovered a new medium ó the guitar. It was from this point he began to learn to employ the paper and pen along with his desire to play. With the words came the music and with the music came the voice.

Influenced by artists ranging from Jimmy Buffett to Iron Maiden to Charlie Parker to Neil Young, Jamesí music took winding turns down the path called "life" ó giving you a personal tour through his eyes. It was here James learned to perfect his songwriting skills, impacting the world around him with his stories. To further diversify himself, James played with local Philadelphia acts until he decided to make the move to Austin, Texas, the Lone Star State.

In Austin, known as the "Live Music Capital of the World," James found he could have the creative freedom and support he needed. It was the perfect place to begin the next chapter in his life. He believed living in Texas would allow him to buckle down and focus on music, unleashing the musical demon within as soon as he began. Since relocating to Austin in 1997, James Rider has played solo acoustic, opening for such well-known Austin musicians as Reckless Kelly, the Cadillac Voodoo Choir, and Dale Watson. When seeing James play acoustic, audiences tune into the emotion and soul of this artist. There is always a "no holds barred" action that is in the air, raw and heartfelt.

After playing solo acoustic for two years, James wanted to feel the chemistry of playing with a full band. It was here that he began to bring together fellow friends and musicians to find that perfect chemistry. It didnít take long to assemble a group of people that were so different they were alike. With all the elements in place, the 420 Turnaround was finally conceived in March 1999 in the truest back porch picking tradition. Doug Walseth lends his hand with acoustic and electric guitars, embellishing the lyrics with slide and hooks, while drummer Daniel Jones and bassist Darren Sluyter ensure a fiery backbeat unable to be denied. In just a short time, James Rider and the 420 Turnaround have grown to become a staple in the Austin Music Scene, bringing pure entertainment and unadulterated adrenaline with every performance. Opening for the likes of Guy Forsyth, Dick Dale & The Deltones, Reckless Kelly, LouAnn Barton & The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Paladins, and Slobberbone, among others, the Turnaround have established themselves amongst their peers. Even Austin blues legend, Clifford Antone recognized Rider as "An excellent singer!" after hearing him perform with Reckless Kelly one evening at Antoneís Night Club.

Jamesí solo acoustic performance was featured August 16, 1999, on the Austin Music Network television show, "Whatís The Cover?" In October 1999, James performed and was interviewed by Eddie Russell for his show "Country East/West" on JRRI Radio, in Waterford, Ireland. Since the release of "Four Twenty a.m." in February 2000, radio stations across Europe, Australia and America are turning on their listeners to James Riderís acoustic-driven Americana.

Experience the magic for yourself: this live show is a Texas "electric fandango", raising the roof and setting the audience on fire. Whether itís a solo "Acoustic-Driven Americana" show or a performance with the wild uninhibited "Whiskey Rock Band" the 420 Turnaround, audiences are sure to connect with each lyric and chord. One of his fans summed it up simply, "It is exactly what James says at each show ĎIf youíre not having a good time, itís your own damn fault!" Indeed.

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